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Reach new customers through our radio webcast stations with no contracts.

Advertising increases the likelihood that more consumers will know who you are. Advertising on Dining for ONE Health & Wellness is an investment in the growth and future of your business and encourage repeat business.

Dining for One covers relatable news, long form features, innovative in-depth stories and exclusive interviews.

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Dining for One is part of the COGA Broadcasting Network. You can either choose to advertise on only one show, or as many shows you want to. COGA Broadcast delivers a wide variety of targeted programming which aligns well with several different industries and categories of business.

Our goal has always been to develop and broadcast content that people want to hear. COGA Broadcasting will apply your marketing campaign across our programming network to meet your marketing objectives. We can also create a custom solution tailored to your budget, message and needs.

We have a diverse talk programming is what helps differentiate us from the competition. Our genres includes such topics as Law, Politics & News, Travel, Health & Wellness, Business, Pets and more.

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