Episode #6  //  Five Behaviors that Heal

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Episode #6 Special Guest Nita Lapinksi (Bio) // September 28th 2014 //

Five Behaviors That Heal

Dining For One Episode 6: Five Behaviors that Heal w/Nita Lapinski

Nita Lapinski has been a working clairvoyant-medium for over three decades and offer’s meditation classes and workshops on forgiveness, releasing judgment and finding one’s intuition. She is a certified hypnotherapist and has studied integrative breath work and bio-energy. Both are modalities of healing emotional issues using breath and moving energy. Nita resides in Arizona with her husband. The Knowing is her first book. Nita is writing her second book, Five Behaviors that Heal.

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Episode 6 Show Notes
  • visit Nita Lapinski.com
  • visit Meditation Handbook for Beginners
  • visit The Knowing: Awake in the Dark
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