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Healing and Transformational Coach

Belinda Ortiz of Buenas Vibras Healing Arts

Belinda's highest excitement is to help people feel better, find their true selves, get clarity, and reclaim their power; which will help them create the life they desire. Her mission in life is to help people realize that it is our birth right and within our grasp to create the life we want. We are all unique and powerful, and the painful hard times are temporary. Change starts inside of us and from there we can reflect onto others our inner divine light.

Through Belinda's Coaching and Healing Your Body and Soul™ program she helps "Broken Hearts" feel better, heal the past, rebuild themselves, their relationships, get clarity, feel self empowerment and Belinda will coach you them through the transitions from HURT to LOVE and JOY... Coaching and Healing Your Body and Soul™ helps Belinda's clients reveal the layers that got them to the place where they needed the healing in the first place, and brings them a deep realization and wisdom about themselves and less probability that they will need healing the same things again.

Are you READY TO CHANGE? By combining Belinda's background and training as a Transformational Coach, Energy Healer, Presence Healer, Access Consciousness Facilitator and Practitioner, and Intuitive Light Worker, she will help you create and start living the life they've always dreamed of. No matter where you are in your process, Belinda will develop a personalized program specially for you that will identify, change and heal negative core beliefs, behavioral patterns, vibrational blockages in the energy body, and misalignments with the Self, that negatively impact your emotional and physical health, so you can start living the life you desire! Don't worry, you won't feel alone anymore.

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My Coaching and Healing Your Body and Soul Programs have been designed to help my clients experience a much deeper level of self-healing, self-respect, self-empowerment, and self-love. I guide you until you have gained the confidence to be who you truly are, and the unwavering conviction to create the fabulous life you deserve.

Top Target Market/Audience

I work with men and women seeking to break free from past traumas or their painful stories and wish to:

  • Regain clarity.
  • Re-ignite their inner-light and create a totally different life experience.
  • Move forward and stop making the same mistakes that keep self-sabotaging their dreams.
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